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The fifteen years old singer Cody seems to be single at the moment and he does not have a special girl that he could call as Cody Simpson girlfriend. Thus because he does not have one he can spend more time on different things than dating. And the fact that he is only fifteen years old is also significant, because mostly people of this age do not understand what the word love really means and what it is supposed to be like. He has been participating in the photo shoot for Teen Vogue magazine and has spent a lot of time in picking out the clothes that would for this occasion and after the magazine is out there will be even more girls that would love to become Cody Simpson girlfriend.

And the current Cody Simpson girlfriend is – Single

Cody states that the fact that he writes songs for himself is also making him feel sorry that Cody Simpson girlfriend does not exist, because most of his songs are about love and finding the perfect partner for yourself and in order to write these kind of lyrics he states that he dreams about a girl that would suit him perfectly. Further he notes that girls are the only topic that he writes about at the moment and that does not surprise anyone, because most of the songs are about romantic love and other things concerned with love so maybe it would be about time for him to find a girl that everyone would call Cody Simpson girlfriend and then he could write songs about experience not just about dreams.
Cody states that it would important that the future Cody Simpson girlfriend would like to talk a lot, because he appreciates to have a conversation when you can say everything to another person and you feel free to talk about anything that you want for as long as you want also. Also Cody Simpson girlfriend should be relaxed and not intense, because he likes to spend time with relaxed people that do not worry so much about things.
Furthermore a potential Cody Simpson girlfriend can find him online and write to him, because he has admitted that he is using the social media in order to find a perfect girl for him, so plenty of girls have the opportunity to try and write to him something that they want to say. Maybe any time soon he will find a special someone that will become known as Cody Simpson girlfriend.

cody simpson girlfriend

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