Cory Monteith Girlfriend

Cory Monteith girlfriend is his co-star from the television series Glee. The other co-stars from this television series has thought that there will be there wedding in any time soon, because their relationships has lasted over a year and it seemed that they are really serious about one another. Their friends has stated that the couple has what it takes in order to last together for a long time and they also made promises to sing at Cory Monteith girlfriend and his wedding.

And the current Cory Monteith girlfriend is – Lea Michele

Cory has stated that the first thing that he thought about Cory Monteith girlfriend was that he was intimidated of her talents, because she manages to make acting easy and makes a lot of funny looks with her face, so he was also fascinated by her. He has also stated that the time when he first found out that she is going to join the filming of television series Glee the first thing that he did was went back home and watched her performing on YouTube and thought that she was amazing. So meeting Cory Monteith girlfriend for him was a nervous thing to do, because he made a different impression about her from the videos.
Corry Monteith girlfriend is proud of him answering this way about their relationships and they look perfectly cozy with one another, because all through the interview that they gave Cory was holding his girls hands and her one hand was resting on his knees, so they must know each other perfectly. Further it looks like their relationships were strong and the time that they began no one knew about it, because they spent almost two years together, but none of the people working around them found out how close they are to each other, so they can keep a secret.
Another thing that was kept from society by Corry Monteith girlfriend and Cory himself was the fact that he is using to much drugs. Because just recently, after the interview that they made Cory was going into rehab, because of substance abuse and it is a good thing that he managed to admit that he is sick and he needs recovery. Corry Monteith girlfriend has stated that their relationship was as strong as never and that she will support him in any kind of thing where she is needed. Thus, it appears that Cory did not manage to fix his problems and their wedding will not take place, because in July 13th he was found dead in one hotel in Vancouver, because he overdosed.

cory monteith girlfriend cory monteith girlfriend

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