Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend

The status of being Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend is shared among a lot of women that have dated him during his life. He seems not to be stable in relationship and when it comes to picking out women his taste is different and he does not have any set standards about their look.

And the current Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend is – Irina Shayak

The first one that was famous for being with him was Irina Shayak, she is a famous model. She has been famous for being a model for different kind of brands including Victoria’s Secret. She was born in Russia. She was called Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend since when she was 24 they spent some tie together in Corsica Island Coast. They both spend time together doing different things together, until it was announced that Ronaldo was a father of a child, but after that they still were spotted doing things together.
Another female that was called Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend was Jordana Jardel, although this was only a rumor that she released about them in order to get fame and become known. Further there was Kim Kardashian that people also called Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend, though the relationship between them has not been proved and Kim does not speak about Cristiano as a close friend.
Paris Hilton was also considered to be one of his girlfriends, but he has left her when Cristiano met Kim Kardashian. However Paris does not want to talk about him and hides her emotions, she only states that she came to watch football game and that was it.
Also there was Mirella Grisales a Columbian model that openly talks about her relationship with Ronaldo without hiding any details even in their private life. Further, there was also another model that he has dates named Daniele Aguiar. He has been seen with her in different places, she was Brazilian.
One of the most famous women that can be called Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend was Nuria Bermudez, who was known for being engaged with six players of Real Madrid before Cristiano joined them. So she must have had a lot of experience with football players. They were together for almost three years, but she was known for giving bad messages about her ex-boyfriends and revealing her life to everyone. Further she is known for getting into relationship with married men.
Also there were many stars and ordinary girls that wanted to be called Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend and stated to the public that they have dated, but their lies were revealed.

cristiano ronaldo girlfriend cristiano ronaldo girlfriend

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