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Cynthia Nixon, a famous actress and the star of Sex and the City has married Christine Marinoni, who is known as Cynthia Nixon girlfriend. It looks like Cynthia wanted to look perfect during her wedding celebration, so she wore a dress made by Carolina Herrera, a famous designer. The celebration took place in New York City. Her publicist has confirmed the news, that now the couple is legally married and there were no further details known about their marriage and their celebration. It looks like they are happy together and further they have a son named max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni that Cynthia Nixon girlfriend gave birth to last year. Thus the couple does not want to share any details about the biological father of their boy.

And the current Cynthia Nixon girlfriend is – Christine Marinoni

Thus it looks like Cynthia Nixon girlfriend is not the only one that has children, because Cynthia has two children from a photographer named Danny Mozes. She has a daughter named Samantha who is 16 years old and also a son named Charles, who is 10 years old. Thus the actress was in a relationship with the photographer for fifteen years and it ended in 2003.
It looks like Cynthia Nixon girlfriend met Cynthia in one education rally in 2002 and they became close friends at first, but after two years of friendship Christine became known as Cynthia Nixon girlfriend. They got engaged in 2009 when they were participating in one rally in order to support gay marriage in New York that was not legal at that time and that was one of the reasons why they could not get married. It looks like then they both decided that they should wait until this marriage becomes legal in New York and only then become married. So gay marriage became legal and as soon as it did Cynthia Nixon girlfriend became her partner in marriage.
Thus it looks like the couple was happy just to be engaged, because Cynthia herself has stated in one interview that she is enjoying the fact that she is engaged. She has also stated that she does not mind the fact that their engagement is going to be long. When Cynthia was asked about her orientation she has stated that she did not feel changed and that she has been in relationship with men for most of her life and she just fell in love with Cynthia Nixon girlfriend and this love is really strong for her so now they are partners in marriage.

cynthia nixon girlfriend

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