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It looks like the most famous wizard in the world was not able to cast his magic on his girlfriend. Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend is now away from the start and they are not a couple anymore. This is what her father announced during one interview.

And the current Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend is – Rosie Coker

Ex Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend was met on the set of Harry Potter movies and they had been dating for almost three years. Malcolm Cooker, the father of former Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend said that now his daughter is away not even from Daniel, but from the country too and she is trying to move on as quickly as possible.
There are no actual facts about the timing of the breaking up. There are some rumours that Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend was even living with the actor in his apartment in New York City earlier this year.

This separation is quite a shock, actually. He was even talking about the wedding and that is why this news about their separation came unexpectedly. As Daniel Radcliffe claimed himself during one interview, he always has thought that marriage is something very official and not suitable for him. But then he added that if you meet someone special, the commitment is not so scary anymore. That is why we thought that Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend was the one he would introduce to all the world and his family, but then they broke up for some reasons.

According to the actor himself, ex Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend Rossie was so wonderful that he was even too good for him. He realized that this kind of relationship was too serious for him, after all.

Currently, there is a new Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend who he has met on the set of a movie called Kill Your Darling. He has a part in it as a poet Allen Ginsberg.
On the other hand, a new Daniel Radcliffe girlfriend is said to be left out too. She thought that Daniel is a real deal but the she has realized that he is not serious with her either. He has even introduced him as her boyfriend but as we can see now it was quite a mistake.

What is more, Daniel was spotted with some gorgeous brunette in London. It seems that there is enough magic for all the ladies out there.
People who are close to him are not very open about his current relationships and they say that they do not want to talk about his personal life.

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