Darren Criss Girlfriend

Since 2010 when Darren firstly appeared at Glee a lot of women been wondering if there exist Darren Criss girlfriend and he has never clearly stated if there is a love in his life or not. Darren does a great job in keeping his personal life just for him not for the whole world to know. Due to the fact that he has been so famous it took a lot of effort in order to hide his personal life.

And the current Darren Criss girlfriend is – Mia Swier

Two hard years of hiding everything from his fans and finally he has revealed that a musician named Mia Swier can be named Darren Criss girlfriend. It was stated in one radio show where Darren participated and the host called Mia Swier can be called as Darren Criss girlfriend and he did not correct the host and stated that it is a real fact and they are seriously together.
Darren also revealed that his relationship with Darren Criss girlfriend has been going on for a long time and he finally decided to talk about them. He declared that their relationship has been going on for a long time and that he was with her even then when he did not knew that he was going to become famous because of his role in Glee.
After all of this tie Daren decided to talk about them being together, because he got tired of hiding their relationship, because he wants to hold her hand and be with her in public and even if he told only some basic things, like when they met still it is a start.
Further Darren Criss girlfriend was photographed with him in some events. They were photographed together in the Coachella Music Festival where she went as his date. Also she took her to Tony’s this year and they were both happy about it.
Even though they hid their relationship for a long time they understood that if they are planning to spend their future together eventually they should have come out as a couple. And it seems that the right time came and they decided to go together in public. Mia is happy that she is Darren Criss girlfriend and their love can be seen in their pictures, noticing the way that they looks at each other, so now they do not care who in the entire world knows that they are together and they can enjoy going out in public without being seen.

darren criss girlfriend

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