David Gandy Girlfriend

It looks like David Gandy is known to be lady’s man, because he was rumored to have been dating three women last year and they were all known to be as David Gandy girlfriend even if for a short time. He seems to like being popular and allows himself to get into affairs with women. But lately he seems to be spending a lot of time with the new David Gandy girlfriend Samantha Barks, who is known for her recent role in the movie Less Miserables. The couple enjoys spending their time and home watching videos and eating popcorn.

And the current David Gandy girlfriend is – Samantha Barks

David Gandy girlfriend is most likeably met him at some king of fancy event where a lot of the stars gather and have fun, but their first public appearance as a couple was in Glamour Women of the Year Awards where they were all over each other and could not let one another out of their sights. Despite the fact that there were plenty of woman asking to take a picture with David, he never left the new David Gandy girlfriend to go far from him, because their love is still big and nice.
The couple looked great together from the beginning of the event when they posed on the red carpet together and were having fun. Although there was one fact that was disturbing, the former David Gandy girlfriend was also participating in these Awards and saw these two happy with each other all through the night. The present David Gandy girlfriend was presented with an award and that was the moment when he hugged her and it seemed that they do not want to let each other go and the ex-girl of his had to watch the scene, because cameras were filming those two, so it was an awkward moment for her.
Even though they both have been connected with other people, because David Gandy girlfriend was rumored to be with her co-star of the movie Less Miserables they showed everyone that the rumors were based on nothing and that the couple is happy to be together. David, who is a model for Dolce & Gabbana, is 33 years old and David Gandy girlfriend is only 22 years old, but these eleven years do not get in the way in order for these two to have a normal relationship and be happy with each other no matter who does not approve of their relationship.

david gandy girlfriend david gandy girlfriend

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