David Hasselhoff Girlfriend

The fact that the actor David is so famous all over the world because of the television series that he has played in including Baywatch he is noticed whenever he travels and goes and whoever is in his life is also always on the spotlight. So David Hasselhoff girlfriend named Hayley Roberts must be used to this, because she has been with him for some time now. But even the couple sometimes wants to keep a low profile from the media and enjoy their time walking around without anyone asking to sign somewhere or to take pictures with him.

And the current David Hasselhoff girlfriend is – Hayley Roberts

So once when before Christmas David Hasselhoff girlfriend and the actor went to Manchester she notes that they wanted to go to the market and to shop and to spend time as normal people so David Hasselhoff girlfriend states that he was wearing a disguise in order not to get noticed. Even though his disguise was quite funny because he was wearing a beanie hat on and a beard it was a good idea for them to enjoy more time together outdoors and have some shopping. She notes that this was the first time that they could have enjoyed going to shop and look around all the things without being noticed, because it worked. David Hasselhoff girlfriend states that no one recognized him and they spent all the time walking around and looking at whatever they wanted to look.
David Hasselhoff girlfriend met him two years ago in one hotel, where she was having tea with her sister. It looks like at the beginning she only wanted to take a picture with him, but as soon as he saw her he asked if she was single at first and then asked her out and she agreed. It appears that when their relationship became serious she quit her job in order to travel around the world with him, because that is what he does and no matter that he is 60 and she is 32 their love is perfect. It looks like David Hasselhoff girlfriend states herself that is she would not have quitted her job it would be impossible for them to be together, because he is always traveling and they would not have time to be with each other so she had to choose and made the right decision. It appears that not only they are a couple she states that they are best friends and that they have experienced so much together and this makes them both happy.

david hasselhoff girlfriend david hasselhoff girlfriend

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