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It looks like David has spent the most part of his life like a bachelor and he has been putting all of his effort into work and loneliness. He has also stated that there was no one special that could be known as David Mitchell girlfriend for a long time. Further he has become famous because of his participating in the Channel 4’s Peep Show. It appears that he stated himself that the only relationship that he has had in his life were one night stands and he thought that maybe this would work out for him but apparently it did not.

And the current David Mitchell girlfriend is – Victoria Coren

However it looks like David is a real romantic at heart and that he has not realized it until he found a special girl that can be called as David Mitchell girlfriend. So David Mitchell girlfriend is Victoria Coren a television presenter and a writer also. He states that there were a couple of his friends that were monogamous but he has thought that this is not for him apparently just because he did not know what it is like to be in real love. He has also noted that David Mitchell girlfriend should be someone special that he would be madly in love with, because he does not want to go out with someone that is not that important in his life. It appears that when he thought that he is not going to find anyone he met Victoria and everything changed.
It looks like it took some time for them to get together and further the writer has revealed everything in his autobiography Back Story where he has wrote about the fact that he had to wait for three years while David Mitchell girlfriend was in a relationship with another man until finally he proved his love. It seems that the fact that his love was just one way turned out to be good; because David Mitchell girlfriend did not show him any affection he put all of his energy into work.
He wrote in the book that he felt really bad and he did not want to talk about any of this with his family and he felt really sad but kept this only to himself. He states that there were times that he thought that one day Victoria is going to become David Mitchell girlfriend and after three years she became single and decided to be with him finally.

david mitchell girlfriend

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