Derek Hough girlfriend

Christmas is the time when everyone wants to find their other half and just snuggle with them for a bit. Derek Hough as we can see is not an exception. A new Derek Hough girlfriend was holding to his armrest when they were in double date with another couple: Mark Ballas and his blond friend.

And the current Derek Hough girlfriend is – Britney Carlson

Derek Hough and Mark Ballas are good friends from the very beginning of the TV show called Dancing with the Stars. They were heading downtown when the paparazzi managed to take few pictures of them walking all four together on their double date. During that cold winter day they were warming themselves up not only with cups of coffee or tea, but with their lady friends too. A new Derek Hough girlfriend seemed really happy for having an opportunity to snuggle with the famous celebrity.
We know everything about Mark Ballas new girlfriend, but Derek Hough girlfriend still remains the mystery. Derek Hough and the people who surround him are trying to avoid the topic about a Derek Hough girlfriend. When asked who she was they just changed the topic and that was it.

The one thing we can say that Derek Hough girlfriend is a mystery brunette who was enjoying Derek Hough‘s company very much. But who wouldn‘t?
Well, Derek friend‘s girl is not a mystery anymore. His new lover is a 25 year old blond songwriter whose name is Britney Carlson. He has become a not very well known celebrity after penning Beyonce‘s top hit If I Were a Boy.

Still, it is actually quite weird that both couples looked like they were having great time, but Derek Hough is still hiding who the mystery lady is. Maybe that is how he is trying to protect his personal life and we can start to think that there is something serious between those too?

Still, it quite obvious that new Derek Hough girlfriend is a very pretty lover for Derek Hough. And even though they visibly tried to avoid cameras and appear in the spotlight of the mass media, there were few pictures where they were holding to each other. It seems that there might something serious between those two.
But it is only up to you to decide whether a mystery brunette is an actual Derek Hough girlfriend or maybe the celebrity just wanted someone for Christmas. You are the only ones to decide if there is something serious between those two.

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