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The Mexican actor Diego Boneta is popular and known, but unfortunately for all the ladies, he is of the market and dating someone special in his life that he really cares about. It looks like Michelle Salas can be called as Diego Boneta girlfriend and they are together as a couple for some time. Due to the fact that they both are Mexican their families are happy about their relationship and they seem to get along in a good way. Thus Diego Boneta girlfriend is a model and in one interview she has shared some thoughts about her life and her career.

And the current Diego Boneta girlfriend is – Michelle Salas

The fact that Diego Boneta girlfriend is a daughter of one famous singer named Luis Miguel, who is highly known in Mexico she always wanted to become independent from her parents and have something in her life that she has achieved on her own. So Diego Boneta girlfriend has stated that she is happy about her carrier and financial independence. It looks like her carrier as a model has helped her to achieve stable income that most of the girls would want to have in the age that she is. It appears that not only this way she is getting the income that she needs, because she also has a blog on the internet, where she shares different fashion tips with people and that is popular and highly known among girls especially.
It appears that Diego Boneta girlfriend is happy about the fact that she can invite her mother and her grandfather to have a dinner together with her and that she can pay for, because she notes that her mother was there for her whenever she needed and she has supported her with everything that Diego Boneta girlfriend came up so now she notes that is great to show her that she is supporting herself and that she does not need to be paid for. So this is also a good thing for Diego, because women that can take care of their financial situation are perfect.
Diego Boneta girlfriend has also talked with her relationship with her father that has created another family with another woman and has two children, she states that her relationships with his family are good and they get along. Diego Boneta girlfriend also notes that she got her smile from her father and the color of her skin also. So Diego can be happy to have such a girl as Michelle.

diego boneta girlfriend

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