Diggy Simmons Girlfriend

It looks like Diggy has a long term relationship that has lasted for five years now. Jessica Jarrell can be known as Diggy Simmons girlfriend and she is also a singer and furthermore she is a model. Diggy is a new star, because he has released his debut album just recently, but as soon as it happened, the rumors about him began to spread and it is not clear if they are real of just made up. So the rumor has it that Diggy Simmons girlfriend is engaged with him, not only that people talk about their engagement there are also talks that the couple is planning their wedding next year.

And the current Diggy Simmons girlfriend is – Jessica Jarrell

The rumors spread in a quite interesting way it appears that one website claims to have information about Diggy Simmons girlfriend and Diggy himself, from a source that knows them both. It appears that their source has stated that Diggy is really planning his marriage and that no doubt it is going to happen. There are also talks about their engagement. The source notes that Diggy proposed for Diggy Simons girlfriend during Christmas and that was when they officially became engaged, because she said yes. Further the rumor has it that they are planning the ceremony when he turns eighteen, because right now he is too young to make this kind of commitment.
The real name of Diggy is Daniel Simmons and this is only his nick name in front of the public, because of his carrier as a rapper. His father is known in the rap business and his name is Joseph rev Run Simmons, so it is easier for Diggy to make it. It appears that Diggy was into rapping from his early ages and he has released several mix tapes before his debut album.
Diggy Simmons girlfriend is also seventeen years old and she is R&B and pop singer. Apparently the girl has a picture of Simmons debut album on her twitter page. Thus, it appears that neither one of them has stated anything about their engagement. They do not tell if this is true or not, so maybe they are trying to keep this in private and just for themselves. Diggy Simmons girlfriend has tweeted on his page and congratulated him for his birthday stating that he is her best friend. Maybe the couple is still too young to get married, but as long as they both are eighteen they can do what they want to.

diggy simmons girlfriend diggy simmons girlfriend

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