Dirk Nowitzki Girlfriend

Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend Jessica Olsson became his wife in the year 2012. Dirk Nowitzki has gained NBA ring with his team Dallas Mavericks, so he decided to put another ring, the one that connects hi with Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend in the bond of marriage. Their marriage was quiet and they had their ceremony only for themselves.

And the current Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend is – Jessica Olsson

Even though Dirk owns a lot of money, he gained 19 million of dollars in 2012, he decided to have a small ceremony instead of a lavish one, he married Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend in his home and they had a small ceremony.
The judge that married then stated that it was not a formal ceremony. And it is also stated that this was not the first ceremony that Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend has had with him, the couple have been on vacation to Kenya. They held a ceremony there on the seventh of July and that was the first time when they got married, then in the twentieth of July they held the ceremony back in Preston Hollow, Texas, where Dirk’s home is. The ceremony that took place in Africa was held because Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend wanted her mother to be able to participate and sources note that it was perfect, because Dirk was wearing traditional clothes and Jessica looked perfect. They held the second ceremony, because they wanted that Dirk’s family would be there. Also the closest friends were invited and the ones that been there state that it was also perfect and they thank Dirk for the opportunity to be there during one of the most important events of his life.
The judge confirmed their nuptials after three weeks from their marriage in Kenya. Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend met him when he was on vacation in Scotland and since then they fell for one another. The fact that Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend is from Kenya might have made an influence for their decision to get married there.
Not long after their marriage it was announced that Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend is expecting and that made their relationship even better, because having a child is the biggest joy in one’s life. Thus, they wanted to make their family bigger, because Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend became pregnant after a year of their marriage. And now Dirk is a father of a nice baby girl. Dirk’s father stated that he is proud to be the grandfather for the first time, because Dirk’s sister has two children, but Dirk has his first one and the whole family is thrilled.

dirk nowitzki girlfriend dirk nowitzki girlfriend

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