Donnie Wahlberg Girlfriend

It looks like the new Donnie Wahlberg girlfriend appears to be Jenny McCarthy, who is famous for letting the press now just as soon as she gets into new relationship, because she has stated that she is going to let everyone know with whom she is at the moment. The last relationship that she has been in ended a couple of months ago and the media was informed about it just as soon as they came to an end, so it is no surprise that she announced about being with Donnie and she keeps her promise to the media.

And the current Donnie Wahlberg girlfriend is – Jenny McCarthy

It looks like they met when she was hosting her radio show and he was a guest to it. Donnie Wahlberg girlfriend is 40 years old and he is three years older. She has a son and they met just when she moved to Chicago with him. It appears that there are talks about them being a couple and having a lot of fun and even though their relationship started not too long ago it looks like they are serious. Recently Donnie Wahlberg girlfriend celebrated the fourth of July with him and their friends and they had plenty of fun. It sees that when Donnie was appearing in The Jenny McCarthy Show, earlier this year in March they have talked about plenty of things including different topics, so even though it was just for a short time, they must found something in one another that attracted them and they decided to become a couple. It looks like on the show Donnie Wahlberg girlfriend was not afraid to ask him different things including if he talks dirty when he is having sexual relationship and even though this question might have been a surprise for him, he handled it perfectly well and they had a laugh when he answered that he does and that he does it good.
It appears that not only Donnie Wahlberg girlfriend has a boy of her own, but Donnie himself has two children from his previous marriage and this is what they have in common also so the couple seems to be happy together for now and their fans note that they fit for each other, because they must have a lot in common. It looks like Donnie does not mind sharing his life with the media and Donnie Wahlberg girlfriend likes to update people with the recent events in her life.

donnie wahlberg girlfriend donnie wahlberg girlfriend

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