Dougie Pointer Girlfriend

It looks like Dougie Pointer girlfriend, named Lara Carew-Jones, is planning to get married any time soon. Thus the bassist of the group McFly seems to be serious about his relationship with Lara and he looks happy to be with her. So after his band mates Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd has showed him the example of getting married, because they went down the aisle first it looks like Dougie would like to do the same thing. Further it looks like Dougie Pointer girlfriend and Dougie himself state that they are two parts of the same soul so they should be walking down the aisle together any time soon.

And the current Dougie Pointer girlfriend is – Lara Carew-Jones

It looks like Dougie Pointer girlfriend is obsessed about the idea that they are parts of the same soul or at least he states this himself and it is not clear either he thinks that this is a good thing or a bad thing, because this statement does not look like a good thing that Dougie Pointer girlfriend is obsessed about this, because usually when people are obsessed about something it is not good. It seems that finding a soul mate is not so hard, but finding a person that you would share a flame with is much harder and it looks like they have found each other.
Further it seems that Harry (his mate from the group) was the one that introduced Dougie and Dougie Pointer girlfriend, because Dougie has seen her on Facebook and wanted to get to know her in real life. So it looks like his friend believes that their love is mean to be and that they are perfect together. He also thinks that the connection between them is too strong to be broken and that the couple should get married and become a family.
Further it seems that Harry has known Dougie Pointer girlfriend for a longer time than he has known her. It looks like Dougie has been in love with Lara without even seeing her in real life and only from the way that Harry described her. It looks like Harry was like a cupid for this couple and that he found a perfect match. It appears that Dougie Pointer girlfriend and Dougie was brought by faith itself and that makes people who are around them believe in faith. It looks like Dougie is planning their wedding and has shared some ideas with the media.

dougie pointer girlfriend

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