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Apparently Drake has had so many women in his life and he changes them as quickly as he can. Drake girlfriend list is quite a long one and he has dated many famous and popular women in his life time. Firstly Drake became famous because of his roles in DeGrassi; a television series about the life of teenagers and all the difficulties that they have. After becoming famous for his acting abilities Drake became a rapper and is known for his music.

And the current Drake girlfriend is – Single

It appears that Drake likes his women with nice body curves, that have a fuller figure that the norms of society. He was linked to Taraji P. Henson in 2011 and there were rumors that she can be called as Drake girlfriend, but Drake tried to deny them, after he was seen with her in Vancouver he just made a joke that people had confused his cousin with Taraji.
Due to the fact that Drake seems to be lady’s man and he knows how to get all the attention from them and flatter them. In 2010 he released “Paris Morton Music” that was dedicated for the model Paris Morton, who was known as Drake girlfriend by that time. Another model that had been called as Drake girlfriend was Bria Myles, who also has full body curves and nice face, just like Drake likes.
In 2011 Rihanna was linked to Drake and was called his girl for some time, there were plenty of pictures of them both in internet and it seems that this was not the first time when Rihanna was linked to Drake, they must share some chemistry between them. Thus, Rihanna does not have the body shape that Drake usually dates it seems that this did not get in the way for her to become Drake girlfriend even if just for a short time.
Until Drake was known for his rapping abilities he has dated a singer named Keshia Chanté, who is not so famous but still known. When Drake was filming his video “Find Your Love” the model and stripper who played a role in it was seen getting cozy with him after the set, her name is Maliah Michel, but their communication ended before she could have been called as Drake girlfriend.
So the list of women that were called as Drake girlfriend is quite impressive and the ladies that were with him are feminine and known, so Drake can be proud.

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