Dwayne Johnson Girlfriend

Dwayne Johnson used to have a wife once in his life that he spent ten years with, but something went wrong in their relationship and they came to divorce, so after this the new Dwayne Johnson girlfriend is Lauren Hashian. Before becoming an actor Dwayne used to be a wrestler and it looks like during his acting carrier he got back to wrestling again. It appears that he considered getting back in the ring, because he just wanted to. Dwayne has been acting mostly in action movies and it is obvious because off all the muscles that he has on him it is easier to get these roles, because he does not have to get ready for them in particular. And it seems that the new Dwayne Johnson girlfriend is there for him no matter what he decides to do.

And the current Dwayne Johnson girlfriend is – Lauren Hashian

It appears that Dwayne Johnson girlfriend will not have to be so worried about him, because instead of participating in the fights he is going to be hosting them and being there as a host, so after he has quit the ring in 2004 he does not want to get his hands dirty again. And Dwayne Johnson girlfriend is used to the spot light, because of her father, who is an old drummer that was really famous during his young age and her mother used to work in the Playboy club and used to be dressed up like a bunny, so Lauren must have got the looks from her. Once she has tried her abilities in the singing when there was a show in which the TLC members were trying to find the third one for their group, but she did not win although she made it to the final.
Dwayne Johnson girlfriend has been on stage with her father when they were having a special concert, so she must have a nice voice also besides her pretty figure. She met Dwayne when she was filming in one movie Game Plan in 2006 and they became friend. Dwayne Johnson girlfriend started to date him a year later in 2007. There is an existing opinion that she was the reason why Dwayne divorced his wife, but it is not clear if this is true. Thus they were first spotted together when they had a vacation in Hawaii and from then it became clear who the new Dwayne Johnson girlfriend is.

dwayne johnson girlfriend dwayne johnson girlfriend

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