Dwayne Wade Girlfriend

It seems that the Miami Heat star Dwayne has asked Dwayne Wade girlfriend if she wants to marry him and they got engaged after his team won against the San Antonio Spurs. It looks like they were celebrating in one club and he decided to ask Gabrielle Union then in front of his team friends and other people.

And the current Dwayne Wade girlfriend is – Gabrielle Union

However not everything is perfect in the relationships of this couple, because recently there were rumors that Dwayne is going to be a father and that not Dwayne Wade girlfriend is pregnant, but another woman. There were also rumors that Dwayne Wade girlfriend knows about his affair with another girl, but does not want to make any scandals, because he has important games to play yet.
It looks that Dwayne Wade girlfriend had to deal with a lot when she started to be with him, because there plenty of nasty rumors about Dwayne, he was rumored to be having relationships with other women when he began to be with Gabrielle. Further, there were many more rumors that were supposed to destroy their relationships and they were invented by Dwayne Wade’s former wife, who apparently does not like him being with other women.
The former Dwayne Wade girlfriend, his ex-wife named Siohvaughn has opened up in one interview and she has stated that the court system disgusted her when she was going through divorce with Dwayne, because she needed help for her and her children as she states herself. But the judges were introducing Dwayne, according to his ex-wife, as some kind of basketball star and she notes that the judges were in favor of him, because of his status in society and because of all the money that he has.
The former Dwayne Wade girlfriend has told a lot of ugly things about him and as a response the current Dwayne Wade girlfriend has tweeted that his ex-wife should stop blaming other people, because her life is not the way that she wanted it to be. And Gabrielle also stated that she should admit all of her mistakes and take responsibilities for them and stop accusing others.
So the facts about Dwayne having romance with other women are not clear and are not known to be true or lies, but as long as Dwayne Wade girlfriend stays with him, she must believe that he is not that kind of person that would cheat on her.

dwayne wade girlfriend

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