Eddie Murphy Girlfriend

Eddie Murphy girlfriend is Paige Butcher; she was born in 1979 in Australia. Her father has been a model and her mother a fashion designer so it was kind of obvious that she is supposed to be a model also, because she has gained her looks from her genes. Thus, she did not want to be a model at first and wanted to become a veterinarian and went to college in order to achieve this. Thus she could not escape her faith and she began to model since she was thirteen and she was good at it.

And the current Eddie Murphy girlfriend is – Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy girlfriend has appeared on many magazines and she has signed with Ford Models in New York and continues to liv in this city since she came here at the age eighteen. She works all over the world but always comes back to New York. Besides her modeling carrier Eddie Murphy girlfriend has also tried herself out in acting. She has appeared in two movies Something’s Gotta Give and Big Momma’s House 2.
Eddie Murphy girlfriend has tried to hide her personal life from the public eyes but when she began to date a famous American model Tyson Beckford in 2009 everything changed and her life began to be known. Before becoming involved with Eddie Murphy she has had another man that was wealthy from his business, but these relationships did not work for Paige, so know she is known as Eddie Murphy girlfriend.
Even though their relationships have lasted for ten months now, they still act like new lovers and are happy about each other’s company. Eddie Murphy girlfriend not only enjoys his company, but is also capable of spending time with his two daughters even if he is not around to be with them Page manages herself. Due to the fact that Paige is only 33 years old and one of Eddie’s daughter is 23 years old they can bond perfectly well together.
It looks like Eddie is trying to be a perfect gentleman when it comes to treating Paige as princes, when they go out and when she pays for coffee, Eddie cannot stand too far away from her, like they have a perfect bond together. Further when they are driving somewhere Eddie Murphy girlfriend does not have to open the doors of a car for herself, because Eddie does it like a perfect gentleman. It seems that the couple is happy together and enjoys each other’s company.

eddie murphy girlfriend eddie murphy girlfriend

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