Edward Norton Girlfriend

Edward Norton girlfriend is Shauna Robertson and they were a couple for six years until finally he decided to change something about this and asked her the question will she marry him. Apparently the answer was positive and Edward Norton girlfriend became engaged to him. It appears that the proposal took place when they were on vacation in India and that was the time when he decided to ask her this. And after all these years spend together it is natural that the couple is going to get married, because they must know everything about one another that they should have to find out before getting more serious.

And the current Edward Norton girlfriend is – Shauna Robertson

Further it was already time for Edward to get married and create a family, because he is 41 years old already and he needs something serious in his life. And it appears that the actor likes to be friends with the former Edward Norton girlfriend, who also was his fiancé Courtney Love and that might look strange, because he was not the one that told the entire world about him getting married any time soon with his fiancé, it was his ex-girlfriend Courtney that made the news public instead of him, so they must be quite close to one another even after their brake up happened a long time ago.
Love was known as Edward Norton girlfriend for four years in the past and she was the one that spoke with one magazine about his engagement to Shauna. She has made remarks about the ring that he has brought her, because she notes that she got the ruby when Edward proposed to her, but despite this, the former Edward Norton girlfriend states that it is about time for him to become a father and to have children and that finally he did something that he should have done earlier, because they are together for six years.
The current Edward Norton girlfriend is a film producer, who has worked with many popular movies and she is good at what she does. Further they suit each other, because Edward Norton girlfriend is a co-founder with him of one website that is dedicated for charity and collect money for people that need help, so they both have good hearts. So maybe when they get married there will be news any time soon about Edward Norton girlfriend being pregnant, and that would make their fans even happier.

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