Ellen DeGeneres Girlfriend

Ellen DeGeneres Girlfriend
Ellen had a hard childhood when she was young, her parents divorced and her brother stayed with her father while she moved to Atlanta a small town in Texas. Due to the fact that her mother was having breast cancer, Ellen’s stepfather was making her trouble. And when Ellen finished high school she finally opened up to her mother why she never had a boyfriend it was because she wanted not a boyfriend but a girl that could be called Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend. Then she moved back to New Orleans.

And the current Ellen Degeneres girlfriend is – single

In 1980 Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend was Kathy Perkoff who was a poet and they were two creative people that were in love with each other and that was clearly noticeable. Even if Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend was two years older, that did not get in the way. Thus, their happiness was not meant to be, because Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend died in a car accident and that pushed Ellen to write her first monologue called A Phone Call to God, later she performs it at a New Orleans comedy club and in 1984 she wins Showtime’s Funniest Person in America award.
Ellen came out in public also when the time came for her and she became the first star that openly admitted about her sexual orientation and in 1997 her relationships with another woman were announced in public. Anne Heche became known as Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend. The couple met in Vanity Fair post-Oscars party. As Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend states it happened from the beginning that she saw Ellen. She notes that she went across the room watching her and when she sat down besides Ellen it felt magical, like their souls connected from the beginning they saw one another. Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend notes that she does not fell like she is gay; she just states that she is finally in love. Further, Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend has been dating men in her past. Thus, Anne is twelve years younger that Ellen. Thus in the year 2000 their relationships came to an end and Ellen was left alone again.
After a couple of more women that were called Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend, but not for so long, she finds a perfect couple and marries her in 2008. Portia de Rossi becomes not only Ellen DeGeneres girlfriend but also her partner in life, they celebrate their union in L.A. house and have an intimate ceremony and Ellen states that she is lucky to have Portia. And they are together since now.

ellen degeneres girlfriend

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