Enrique Iglesias Girlfriend

Enrique Iglesias girlfriend is a professional tennis player and her name is Anna Kournikova. However her carrier in this sport is going to an end because she has serious back and spinal problems. Because of her ending carrier in tennis, she decided to try herself in television is the new coach of the television show The Biggest Loser.

And the current Enrique Iglesias girlfriend is – Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova began to date Enrique since she appeared on his video clip for the song Escape. It happened in 2001 and since then they seem to be a happy couple. Thus, Enrique Iglesias girlfriend tries to hide her personal life as much as she can, because she has been trying to avoid confirming that she is with Enrique, when finally in 2010 she admitted that their relationship has been going on for eight years, but she has stated that they are planning to get married.
However after three years since Enrique Iglesias girlfriend stated that she is not planning to get married any time soon it is going to happen, because Enrique has announced that he is finally about to wed his long term girlfriend. A source has stated that it was Enrique that did not want to marry Anna, and she always wanted for them to become a family and it seems that he is ready to do it. Although Enrique has stated that he does not want to settle it seems that Anna convinced him.
They are planning their wedding to be a lavish ceremony in Miami and they are inviting all kind of famous stars like Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and David and Victoria Beckham. Because of the fact that Enrique Iglesias girlfriend has dated him for over than twelve years there has been rumors spreading that they have married in secret, but these are only rumors.
Thus, a source has noted that they would have never married in secret, because Enrique Iglesias girlfriend and Enrique himself wants their marriage to be known and big. Their marriage is going to be big and there will be many rumors about them for a long time.
It seems that Enrique does not think that marriage is so important, he states that due to the fact that he came from a family that is divorced he does not think that a piece of paper changes the emotions of two people. He also states that it is not a taboo to have children these days when you are not married. However Enrique Iglesias girlfriend finally got her way and they are getting married after all.

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