Eric Stonestreet Girlfriend

It looks like not only Charlize Theron has adopted a baby recently she has also another thing to be happy about, because she is the new Eric Stonestreet girlfriend. It appears that Eric, who is an actor and has an interesting role in the television series Modern Family, has attracted Charlize with something. Eric Stonestreet girlfriend is famous for her acting abilities and she has won Oscars during her life, so she is really respectful. It seems that the couple met each other by the help of their mutual friends that introduced them in Los Angeles. Eric Stonestreet has recently divorced with his long term girlfriend named Katherine Tokarz. So it looks like as soon as he split up there is something new in his love life that makes him even more content.

And the current Eric Stonestreet girlfriend is – Charlize Theron

One source that is close to Eric Stonestreet girlfriend has stated that they get along in a perfect way and that at the beginning they were only friends, but with time their friendship became something more and something bigger and now they are a couple. It seems that even though Charlize can be called as Eric Stonestreet girlfriend just for a short time they are perfect and she thinks that he is meant for her and considers him simple and funny and nice. Eric, who is a comedian and who plays gay in the television series Modern Family has tweeted that people should stop talking about his new relationship because there is going to be plenty of jealous persons including Halle Berry.
It seems that Eric Stonestreet girlfriend has just recently adopted African-American boy who was only nine days old when she brought him back home, but it took two years for her in order to do this, so she went a long way. She states that it is a great experience of becoming a mother and that she is happy of changing his dippers and doing everything that she has to do in order to keep her baby happy. Eric Stonestreet girlfriend also notes that now she is professional when it comes to picking the dipper that are the best for her baby. Eric Stonestreet girlfriend also notes that she hopes that her son is going to be happy in the future if he is going to be grateful one day that she took care of him and showed him everything that he might need in his life.

eric stonestreet girlfriend eric stonestreet girlfriend

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