Evan Longoria Girlfriend

Evan Longoria girlfriend seems to be the sexy Jaime Edmonson and that does not surprise anyone, because they both looks nice together and suit each other perfectly. All of Evan fans can be sad, because the famous heart breaker is taken and appears that in a serious way. So who is Evan Longoria girlfriend and what does she do in her life?

And the current Evan Longoria girlfriend is – Jaime Edmonson

Evan Longoria girlfriend is a Playboy Playmate, so no surprise that he likes to be with her and make other men jealous of his girl. In 2012 she was selected as Miss January. Further, not only that she has a perfect looks but she has been an Amazing Race contestant. And to finish up her short description, the last one that Evan Longoria girlfriend is knows for is her degree in Criminal Justice. So it seems quite strange that a girl having so much abilities decided to make her carrier in such a sphere and such a magazine, so the looks seems to be the most important for her.
It seems like Evan Longoria girlfriend has been with him for some time before their relationship were openly declared in public and before they stated that they are a couple. Their connection was revealed through twitter were different hints appeared about them spending time together. The first one was quite strange, because they both shared pictures of their dogs that were spending time together in Evan Longoria girlfriend house; they were even having their sleep overs.
Further it appears that Evan likes to defend his girlfriend, because when one person has stated that a Playboy party that he went to was not worth the coast of the ticket Evan defended her, because she was one of the females that were attending this party. Later on, Evan Longoria girlfriend has been with him to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and he has posted pictures of them both enjoying their time spent there with a funny comments about feeling young and not afraid to visit these kind of places even when they are not children anymore.
So after all of the events that they both posted on their twitter, where they spend a lot of time together and enjoy one another’s company it is natural that rumors started about Jaime being Evan Longoria girlfriend and no one would believe that they are not together because of their close communication and pictures where they have plenty of fun and look like more than friends.

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