Floyd Mayweather Girlfriend

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend used to be Shantel Jackson and their relationships were serious, because Floyd has even proposed to her and bought her extremely expensive diamond ring for their engagement. But their engagement is off, because Floyd does not trust his girl. Floyd Mayweather girlfriend appears to be using him in order to achieve something in her acting carrier and this is not only his opinion, but also his friends think so as well. He did not break of their relationships in general just that he is giving her time to prove whether she is with him because she likes him or because she likes his money.

And the current Floyd Mayweather girlfriend is – Single

It looks like Floyd Mayweather girlfriend has been using his plain in order to fly to her auditions that took part in another part of the world, so it is no surprise that Floyd feels that she is not fully committed to becoming his wife. It seems that Floyd after all loves her, because he has given Floyd Mayweather girlfriend a chance to fix their relationships. The famous boxer has cut her off from all the luxurious things that he has bought her and from their engagement ring and she has the chance to make it right but only if she loves him.
It looks like Floyd Mayweather girlfriend does not mind to have open relationships, because Floyd likes to spend time with other women in bed and his girl does not mind. It appear that the mother of Floyds children and the former Floyd Mayweather girlfriend has posted a photo of them in bed together and the present Floyd Mayweather girlfriend does not mind. Instead of saying something or breaking her relationships she just posted a photo of things that Floyd has bought her, so she must be in for the money with him.
Further it looks like Floyd Mayweather girlfriend is giving him the taste of his own medicine, because the rumor has it that she was cheating on him also with a famous singer. It seems that Floyd Mayweather girlfriend even had another phone in order to send her pictures of particular naked body parts to her lover, but she has not said anything about these rumors.
It seems that Floyd Mayweather girlfriend suits him perfectly, because they both like to sleep with other people and because they appear to be into each other one way or another so only the future will show how long their open relationships will last.

floyd mayweather girlfriend

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