Frank Lampard Girlfriend

Not only that Christine Bleakley is Frank Lampard girlfriend, but they have also been engaged for a long time now. Thus it looks like their wedding are not going to happen any time soon, because they are engaged for long and they are not planning their ceremony, so apparently they like to be engaged. It looks like Frank Lampard girlfriend, who is the host of television show Dancing On Ice has stated that their wedding ceremony is delayed because Frank, who is a famous football player is not sure about his next career move. It looks like Frank Lampard girlfriend has openly stated that because his contract is coming to an end with the team that he is in right now and he does not know what is going to happen in the future and where he is going to continue his game, so they do not want to settle the date yet.

And the current Frank Lampard girlfriend is – Christine Bleakley

Thus, Frank Lampard girlfriend has stated that she would like to marry this summer, but it is not likely to happen and this might be sad for her, thus she has agreed to wait and they both want to wait. It looks like there are rumors that the couple might be moving to US because there could be other opportunities for Frank there. It looks like Christine does not know exactly what is happening in his carrier and does not like to comment on it. She stated that she hears the names of all kind of countries every day and she does not know where exactly they are going to be moving. So it looks like their fans should wait until it is clear and only then we will see where the couple is going to move. And maybe when they settle in their new place they will announce about the date of their wedding.
Thus it looks like Frank Lampard girlfriend is really in love with him, because they have been seen together in plenty of events enjoying their time together and having fun and she does not matter that he has had another girlfriend in the past and has two daughters together with her. It looks like the former Frank Lampard girlfriend named Elen Rivas has stated that if he would move to another country it would be difficult for her babies, because they adore their father, so this should be a hard decision for Frank what to do next and where to go next.

frank lampard girlfriend

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