Gabriel Iglesias Girlfriend

Gabriel Iglesias is a man who can make others laugh, without putting a lot of efforts in it. Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend is Claudia Valdez and he is living together with her and with her son. It seems that Gabriel has a big heart, because not very man would want to live with his girlfriend’s son. The name of Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend son is Frankie and they all are living in California in Whittier. Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend can be known from his comedy routines, because he often refers to her in making jokes, he also likes to joke about his weight, which is clearly too big.

And the current Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend is – Claudia Valdez

Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend also weights a little too much, but that does not seem to bother one or another, because in the photographs that are posted on the internet of this couple they look quite similar in a way. It looks like Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend has a lot of reasons to love her man. Firstly, Gabriel is a good person, who tries to persuade high school students to stay in school all over the world. Not only that he is a good row model, he also participates in all kind of charitable events and puts a lot of effort in raising as much money as possible.
Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend may be proud of him also because he has the key to the whole city of El Paso in Texas, which was given to him, because of all of his good deeds that he has done for it. Also he has made a beneficial event for one of the victims of shooting tragedy that took place in Colorado Movie Theater called Aurora. So it appears that without his good humor, he also has a perfectly big heart and likes to help other people.
Not only that he likes to help people he also participates in different events that are made in order to help animals or raise enough money for them. He likes to take Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend together and they pose for photographers in this kind of events, because they both love animals. Gabriel Iglesias girlfriend seems to support him in any kind of activities that he takes up and that is a good thing in keeping their relationships strong. The fact that she does not get angry when he makes a joke about her is also important, because they both have a good sense of humor and are happy together.

gabriel iglesias girlfriend

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