Garret Hedlund Girlfriend

Garret Hedlund girlfriend is his co-star of On the Road named Kirsten Dunst. The couple met each other on the set of this movie and Garret began to like her from the beginning. From the day that he began to try to impress Garret Hedlund girlfriend it was going grate for him until one time. He was trying to impress Kristen so much that in the early stages of their relationship one of their date almost ended in a tragic way.

And the current Garret Hedlund girlfriend is – Kirsten Dunst

During one time when Garret Hedlund girlfriend agreed to go out with him, he decided to pick out an extreme date. They decided to go on canoe ride and everything could have ended in tragic way because their canoe capsized and it was three in the morning. He states that it was a bad canoe and that when it happened they had to swim back to the shore in water which was far from nice and it looked like a pond in golf court. So Garret Hedlund girlfriend and Garret himself managed to make it to the shore alive and safe.
Besides this date that they went to Garret started to refer to Kristen as his girl and so since then she is called as Garret Hedlund girlfriend. Besides taking her on different dates he also reveals his poetic side and he states one of his poems in one of his interviews. He states that he has always been a writer and that is another character trait that Garret Hedlund girlfriend must like about him. He notes that he does not edit his work, just leaves it as it is and he has been writing a lot recently.
Garret also reveals how he used to go to the books stores take one book and read it the whole day and when the time came for closing up he used to put that book on the highest shelf so that no one would buy it and he would get the chance to come back tomorrow again and take the same book and read it so Garret Hedlund girlfriend can be proud, because not only that he is handsome he is also smart.
A source notes that Garret Hedlund girlfriend is serious about him and even thinks that he might be the one that she would like to create family with and have children with, so the couple must be happy together and really love each other.

garret hedlund girlfriend

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