George Clooney Girlfriend

George Clooney girlfriend, who has been Stacy Keibler has ended their relationship after two years of being together. They state that this happened because of their work and because they did not have enough time to spend together. Stacy has put all of her time in working with her new television series called Supermarket Superstar and George has been working even harder, because he is an actor, a director and producer of the movie called The Monuments Men. So to find time for one another became very difficult and their relationship came to an end.

And the current George Clooney girlfriend is – no girlfriend

George Clooney girlfriend was the one who ended their relationship and that was because she wants to have children and a family one day and she knows what George thinks about these things and where he stands. They decided to talk about everything and after this ended their relationship in a quiet way and that was it for them.

Although their relationship ended they do not end their friendship. Because former George Clooney girlfriend and George used to be friends before their relationship started they decided to stay friends after they ended and they talk every day. So they ended their relationship in a friendly way.

George Clooney girlfriend list is quite long and he has broken many hearts during his life. He has even been married once in his life with Talia Balsam an actress, but their marriage did not work out, so he states that he does not plan to give another shot in marrying. Although his marriage lasted for four years something must have went wrong and now George does not even want to talk about it.

George Clooney girlfriend list is getting fuller and fuller when time passes and even though there was rumors about his sexual orientation, but how can people doubt it when his relationship history is so long and not to mention all the women that were only rumored to be his girlfriends.

Before Stacy George Clooney girlfriend was Elisabetta Canalis an Italian beauty but their relationship did not last for so long either and before her there were plenty of woman that did not have the chance to be his girlfriend for a long time, he seems to be changing women as some people are changing socks. Sometimes it gets hard to follow up his love life, because one day he is seen with one woman and another day with another, so George Clooney girlfriend list is about to get bigger after his recent break up.

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