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The famous director that has worked with such movies as Star Wars became committed to the long time George Lucas girlfriend named Mellody Hobson when they got married in his Skywalker ranch in California. Apparently they have been together for a long time and it was about time to fully commit to one another and they did it. There are plenty of rumors and gossip about their marriage and the way that it was going. It looks like George Lucas girlfriend was dressed in a white dress just as it is supposed to be and he was wearing a suit that was perfect for him. It looks like there were plenty of famous guest in their wedding that gave them their congratulations and wished them the best luck together.

And the current George Lucas girlfriend is – Mellody Hobson

It looks like Mellody is not the first wife that he has. The director has been married to the previous George Lucas girlfriend Marcia Griffin, but they decided to split up, she was a film editor and not only that he has been married he has three children that are adopted. It is a good thing that he has three children, because they all participated in his marriage, his son was his best man and two of his daughters were bridesmaids so now he will have a perfect family together with his wife known as George Lucas girlfriend.
George Lucas girlfriend i years old and this was the first time for her to get married, so as he has all the experience he is going to share it with her and they are going to make a perfect family. And now even though George is 69 years old he has become a father again in his life. It looks like they have a daughter that they decided to have through a surrogate mother and they are happy about it. It seems that they both decided that they want to have children and it is the first real child that George has that is his blood.
George Lucas girlfriend is also content to have their daughter and she is ready to take of her even though she has also a big career not only that she is the wife of George Lucas, she has income of her own because she is president of one company and has made her way in business also. So they both are a perfect couple that is happy being together.

george lucas girlfriend

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