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There are some famous stars who love to keep their bachelor‘s image in front of the camera. Actually, Gerard Butler is one of them, but this year a new Gerard Butler girlfriend somehow managed to convince him to bring her together and we think that this relationship is becoming pretty serious.
A new Gerard Butler girlfriend is Madalina Ghenea and they showed as a couple in Capri Film Festival showing others that Gerard Butler is not single anymore.
The couple was going to fly to Scotland to celebrate a New Year‘s Eve, but when they were on the red carpet of the festival, they seemed like they already were in a party mood.

And the current Gerard Butler girlfriend is – Madalina Ghenea

It is really amazing that a new Gerard Butler girlfriend was able to calmed down the bachelor. Since he walked into Hollywood with the film P.S. I Love You where he took part in, he has been known as Casanova. But Madalina Ghenea somehow managed to keep him near her side and now Gerard Butler girlfriend is near him all the time.

Well, at first there were some rumours that a new Gerard Butler girlfriend is just accompanying him and that there is nothing serious between them. She was wearing a very simple black dress and looked quite conservative for someone who would be a new Gerard Butler girlfriend. But later it was quite obvious that the couple can‘t take eyes from each other. They both looked really sophisticated and elegant together.
While being a 24 years old super model, Gerard Butler girlfriend Madalina Ghenea looked really sophisticated this time. She looked a little bit retro and decided to wear a blue coat on her black and simple dress. Her makeup was quite simple too.

There was certain chemistry spotted between them because they could not keep their eyes from each other, especially a new Gerard Butler girlfriend from him. The couple proved that you do not need to appear extravagantly to look stylish and elegant.
Having posed for the party, the couple headed for the party where Gerard Butler jumped on the stage to congratulate Antoine Fuqua, a director of a new film, with his award.

It seems that the party went really well and a new Gerard Butler girlfriend could not take her eyes from her boyfriend even when he was on a stage. Probably we can state now that things are getting pretty serious between those two and we need to wait for more interesting news about the couple.

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