Gerard Pique Girlfriend

It looks like Gerard Pique girlfriend has the answer when it comes to making her boyfriend happy and having a nice relationship together. She states that one of the most important things is that a girl allows her man to have his own world. It looks like the singer Shakira, who is really popular has talked about her relationship with Gerard and she notes that he has his world that she does not interact with and it is healthy for their relationship or at least she thinks so. Gerard Pique girlfriend has won Grammy award for two times so she is also popular just as her man.

And the current Gerard Pique girlfriend is – Shakira

Gerard Pique girlfriend also notes that he is together with her only because of the love that they share. She also notes that she cannot offer anything else for him except her heart and the fact that she wants to be his woman and it looks like this is enough for him. It looks like Gerard Pique girlfriend has gave birth to their child and she has come back to her perfect shape in no time. It looks like she has had a perfect photo shoot for Elle magazine and she looked perfect in those pictures.
It appears that the singer has given birth to their child just four months ago and Gerard Pique girlfriend has stated that she is still trying to figure out her role as a mother. Thus she also notes that she will probably try to figure out her role as a mother for the rest of her life because with her child growing he is going to have different needs and she is going to have to figure them out. Gerard Pique girlfriend also notes that being a mother is not a torturing or idyllic experience; she states that it is just like everyday life and different things come with it.
Gerard Pique girlfriend also states that she is planning to get back to Spain in order to finish her eight album and she is planning to figure out motherhood in her country. She states that even though she does not know where she is going to go musically she likes it this way. So it looks like their relationship are good for both of them and they do not want to change a thing and Gerard is happy that Shakira allows him to live his own life thus he should not forget that the baby is also his.

gerard pique girlfriend

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