Henry Cavill Girlfriend

Henry Cavill girlfriend used to be Ellen Whitaker but their relationship ended in August last year. Henry split up with Ellen, who was already his fiancé after three years of relationship and that is quite a long time in show business. Their separation happened just before Henry’s new role in Man Of Steel. After this Henry Cavill girlfriend moved to Newcastle to live with her best friend Jennifer. Henry Cavill girlfriend met his at a horse show in 2009 when Ellen was 27 and Henry was 29 so they both had the love for horses and that was what drove them to one another.

And the current Henry Cavill girlfriend is – Kaley Couco

The new Henry Cavill girlfriend also loves horses and she likes to go for a ride once and a while. Kaley loves horses and she spends a lot of time with them, despite that once she nearly lost a leg while riding, she still enjoys spending time on the back of one of her four horses that she has and adores. Henry Cavill girlfriend has been seen a lot with Henry recently, because their relationship are getting more stronger with time, they spend as much time as they can together going shopping and doing other things.
Further, without similar likes, Kaley also has a similar look to Ellen, they both are blond and has similar face shape and they both loves horses, even their dressing style is similar and their body shape is also similar.
Henry Cavill girlfriend and Henry are spending time together while going hiking and there are a lot of pictures on the internet of these two showing how nice they look as a couple. Even though they have separated from their partners recently, both of them have respected their ex-partners and seems to have moved on into new and improved relationships together with each other.
Although Henry Cavill girlfriend does not comment on their relationship openly there has been a recent picture of her looking at the poster of the new movie where Henry takes up the main role – Man Of Steel and she stated about the movie that it is wonderful and Henry himself stated that he has always wanted to date Kaley, who was a star of The Big Bang Theory, so they must have like each other a lot.
Henry Cavill girlfriend has also been engaged in her life but that did not work, so the couple has a similar experience and can improve everything that they have done in their life in making their relationship work.

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