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It looks like at the moment there is no Hines Ward girlfriend, but he has had a wife in the past, so maybe this experience gets in the way for him to have a new partner. It looks like the former Hines Ward girlfriend has a child from him and he is a boy named Jaden, thus this is normal, because the couple has been married and the fact that they have a child does not concern other people. However it looks like he could be a father of another child from a woman named Melanie Smith or at least it looks this way. Thus it is not clear of Melanie is telling the truth about this fact and then it makes people wonder if the former Hines Ward girlfriend and wife knew about this other child of his.

And the current Hines Ward girlfriend is – Single

It looks like the story is interesting when it comes to the fact that he might have another child. It looks like the story is that Joshua Van Auker that is the name of a man that was accused of blackmailing Hines because he was having evidence that Hines paid a prostitute to sleep with him and she was Auker’s girlfriend. So it looks like she is the same woman that claims that Hines is a father of her girl.
It seems that even though Melanie Smith was never named as Hines Ward girlfriend she states that her daughter is also his and if he does not admit it he can take paternity test in order to make sure. And if he is really the father of her daughter than he should start paying her money for child support, so this might be a difficult situation for Ward.
Thus it looks like the former wife and former Hines Ward girlfriend should not care less about these facts, because she is already divorced with him and that does not concern her. Thus the former Hines Ward girlfriend met him in Atlanta just when they both were teenagers, so they spent a lot of time together and they got married and then she gave birth to their son who is seven years old now. Thus it looks like the former Hines Ward girlfriend has a good heart because she was the one that helped him create a foundation that helps teenagers from mixed race backgrounds, because she was from mixed race. It looks like the former Hines Ward girlfriend has made her life and now she lives in Atlanta and works as a sideline reporter for Atlanta Hawks.

hines ward girlfriend

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