Hugh Grant Girlfriend

Not only that Hugh Grant girlfriend exists, but he has a second child together with her that has been born recently. Even though their first daughter is not so old, she is only sixteen month Hugh Grant girlfriend, Tinglan Hong, gave birth to their son so they must have wanted to have two children in a row so their age difference would not be so big. The couple decided to name their boy Felix Chang Hong Grant and his name has a meaning, because Felix means lucky in Latin, so they must want their child to be lucky and Chang Hong means long lasting in Chinese so they picked out a really nice name.

And the current Hugh Grant girlfriend is – Tinglan Hong

It appears that in the beginning when their son was born only some of his closest friends new about this and they swore not to tell anyone. Among those close friends is the grandmother of their daughter, who has been once named as Hugh Grant girlfriend so they have dated and their relationship must have ended in a nice way because he trusts her and they are still good friends. Just only after some time he decided to let the press know that he has a son and as soon as he announced this he also posted something on his personal page so that his fans could know this news also. He has stated that Hugh Grant girlfriend is a perfect mother and that he loves both of his children and that he has become a father for the second time.
Hugh Grant girlfriend is 32 years old and she lives in a house that he has bought to her, further in the birth certificate she has listed her profession as a housewife and he has listed his as an actor. In the earlier interviews that he has made after the birth of their first daughter Hugh has stated that fatherhood became good for him even though at the beginning it was shocking, but he managed.
It looks like Hugh Grant girlfriend met him in one wine bar and since then they became friends and were just friends for a couple of years until in 2011 they announced about their relationship becoming serious and strong. Even though Hugh Grant girlfriend has had other relationship in the past, he has had other women also and now they are like a real family and even though they try to keep some things in private after some time they announce about them to the media.

hugh grant girlfriend

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