Hulk Hogan Girlfriend

Not only that Jennifer McDaniel is Hulk Hogan girlfriend he has also married this woman in a wedding ceremony last year. It looks like the heavy weight actor decided to tie the knot with this particular woman and they enjoyed their wedding ceremony. Thus their wedding was really interesting, because at one point of the celebration the police was called to come to the party, because there was a reported fight going on there. They decided to get married in Hulk home in Clearwater in Florida where the ceremony took place. It looks like the wedding were just as expected from the actor Hulk and Hulk Hogan girlfriend, because he is famous there was supposed to be some kind of incident happening there and so there was.

And the current Hulk Hogan girlfriend is – Jennifer McDaniel

It appears that police was asked to come to the wedding because there was a fight with one of the family friends Ron Howard and one journalist that wanted to make into the wedding and get some interesting pictures of the guests. So it looks like Ron, who was like a security guard at the wedding of Hulk and Hulk Hogan girlfriend tried to stop him and that was when the fight began. It appears that the journalist has even made remarks that he is having a gun so it is natural that all the guests got scared and he had to do something about it and stop him. Thus even though the police came to their wedding no arrests were made and Hulk later on made comments about this incident that when you expect it to be just your casual celebration something must happen and get in the way to be completely happy during the special day of your life.
Thus even though this incident happened this did not get in the way for Hulk Hogan girlfriend and Hulk enjoy their special day and he wanted it to be nice after his first marriage that did not work for the actor so this was the second time that he is trying to work it. He has even stated that this time Hulk Hogan girlfriend and Hulk himself are going to make a history together and are going to be happy. Their wedding ceremony was a small celebration with family and close friends. There were also Hulk’s two children from the first marriage participating and this was no trouble for Hulk Hogan girlfriend and they became a real family.

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