Ian Harding girlfriend

Every Ian Harding fan is buzzing about his love life. Maybe there is a Ian Harding girlfriend about who we can write about?

And the current Ian Harding girlfriend is – Unknown

Ian is one of the most top ranked nowadays Hollywood actors. What is more, he is a top star in TV series called Pretty Little Liars. Naturally, there are a lot of rumors about a new Ian Harding girlfriend and if has one.

The main problem for the further rumors to spread is that there are only a few crumbles of information about Ian Harding‘s love life. It is quite obvious that he is trying to hide his personal life. There are no Ian Harding girlfriend pictures which would prove that there is someone who fulfilled celebrity‘s life. The only pictures we can get freely are the ones in which he poses only with his colleague actors. What is more, he is not very talkative in the interviews either. It is really hard to get the words out of him, especially when we are talking about his personal life.
There was quite an interesting interview in the year of 2012 in the AfterEllen show. Ian Harding was nominated as a person who has a lot of lesbians among his friends (it is known well that his sister Sarah is a lesbian. She, unlike her brother, is quite open about her personal love life). This is how he was nominated as a top Lesbro – a guy who knows a lot of lesbians. Still, even in that show he did not manage to talk more about his love life and all the fans watching the show and glued to the screens, were not able to hear the confess of who is a new Ian Harding girlfriend.
Still, there are some proves. Ian Hardin was spotted with a good looking brunette. The picture was posted on Twitter in May of 2011. The only thing we can do is to analyze the body language of those two and try to guess if the brunette is a new Ian Harding girlfriend.
What is more, in one interview with Girl‘s Life Magazine Lucy told that she is constantly talking with Ian about their love life and who they used to date or are dating at the moment. So the only thing we can say is that Ian Harding is either in a really serious relationship which he wants to protects from mass media, or there actually is no Ian Harding girlfriend.

ian harding girlfriend

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