Ian Somerhalder Girlfriend

Due to the fact that Ian is so good looking and is extremely popular, mostly among Vampire Diaries fans, he has had a lot of beautiful girlfriends that other men can only dream about.

And the current Ian Somerhalder girlfriend is – Ashley Green

In 2002 Kate Bosworth was called as Ian Somerhalder girlfriend, but their relationship only lasted for two months. They met in 2000 on the set of Young Americans. Further they have worked together in another movie in 2001; however their relationship only started in the summer of 2002 and lasted for a really short time.
Then in 2004 Nicky Hilton was called Ian Somerhalder girlfriend, although these relationship also lasted for a really short time they ended in the same year as they began. Further there was Maggie Grace that was called as Ian Somerhalder girlfriend in 2006 and their relationship ended in 2007, so it also did not last for a long time, although Maggie had a lot of expectations, because she has stated that she understood that Ian is much older, but she still felt strong feelings for him. They met while filming television series Lost where they both played characters that have died.
Also rumors have spread that there was something going on with him and Ashley Green. The rumors were released in 2009 in April, although they were only about one concert to which Ashley took Ian. The concert took place I Vancouver and people said that they were kissing all the time and having fun together. Moreover the public opinion is that Meghan Auld could have been called as Ian Somerhalder girlfriend although they were only seen holding hands in February in 2010 in the city of New York. And the rumors about them ended in these talks about their hand holding, because nothing else was heard about them.
The most important woman in his life was Nina Dobrev, who he started to date in 2010 and their relationship lasted up until 2013. Ian Somerhalder girlfriend was his co-star in the filming of famous television series Vampire Diaries. Their romance was also in the screen and it began to be in real of the set and they lasted a long time together being happy, but something went wrong and they departed. Although their relationship as characters in the television series still exist.
So now it seems that the place of Ian Somerhalder girlfriend is not taken and he has fun being single and enjoying his life and that is fantastic news for all his female fans.

ian somerhalder girlfriend

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