Ian Thorpe Girlfriend

Ian Thorpe is a famous man, because of his achievements in sports and also because not only that he is successful in sport, but also he is famous because his ability in television and all kind of shows, so Ian Thorpe girlfriend should be lucky to have this kind of man, but it is a pity that he does not have one.

And the current Ian Thorpe girlfriend is – Single

Due to the fact that Ian is attractive it should be easy to find a girl that would like to be called as Ian Thorpe girlfriend, because he is 6 feet and 5 inches tall, has a nice skin, that is good looking and healthy, he has hazel eyes that look as deep as the ocean and his body shape is perfect for a man, because he looks strong and handsome.
Further Ian Thorpe girlfriend should like him, because of his taste in clothes, he likes to dress in a fashionable way in order to look good every day, he notes himself that it is Armani and hopes that his interview would not be considered as a commercial for this name. He has no commercial relationships with the designer they are only friends and that is it.
The society has made an interesting opinion about Ian, that he is homosexual and that is why Ian Thorpe girlfriend does not exist. The journalist that took an interview from him notes that sexuality is a topic that Ian does not like to discuss, because of the public opinion. But since the topic got out not on purpose, it was an intriguing thing to find out more about it.
Even though the journalist is sure about his sexual orientation and that he is not gay, many people think that he is supposed to have a partner not someone like Ian Thorpe girlfriend that does not exist. Ian states that he does not care anymore what people think about his sexual orientation, because he is tired of stating that he is not gay, so he just does not care anymore.
It seems that the rumor about his homosexuality has spread since he was 15 years old and it was hard for Ian to handle it, because he was quite young at that time. And it seems that the rumors are based on the fact that Ian has had only one girl in his lifetime that was called as Ian Thorpe girlfriend, but their relationships lasted less than a year.

ian thorpe girlfriend

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