Jackson Rathbone Girlfriend

Jackson Rathbone girlfriend is known for her abilities as a burlesque dancer and she seems to be quite good at it, just as good as Jackson is in acting, because he has filmed in the Twilight movies and is known for his role there. So not only that Sheila Hatsadi is Jackson Rathbone girlfriend she is also the mother of their child. The couple can enjoy the fact that they became a family, when she gave birth to their baby boy in the year 2012 and they gave him a quite long name: Monroe Jackson Rathbone IV. The baby weighs 8 pounds 11 ounces.

And the current Jackson Rathbone girlfriend is – Sheila Hatsadi

Jackson Rathbone girlfriend, who is 24 years old met him when the actor was on tour with his band, apparently he also likes music and is capable at it not only that he has acting abilities. They met when he was touring with 100 Monkeys that is the name of the band. Even though Jackson has played the role of Jasper in Twilight when people see his pictures, how he looks in ordinary life it is hard to know that he is the same character in the movie, because his looks is completely different. Jackson likes to dress casually and he likes to wear his hear in a different way.
It appears that in order to make Jackson Rathbone girlfriend happy and to have a transport that would be big enough for entire family to drive around whenever they need he has traded two of his cars for a bigger one for them all Lexus Hybrid SUV and this was taking place when he was only preparing to become a father so he might be a good one if he decided to give up his cars just for the best of the family.
Jackson Rathbone girlfriend seems to like her boyfriend’s former role as Jasper and he seems to liked it either, because he notes that if there would be other movies where he could act as Jasper he would surely do it, because he liked him a lot and he enjoyed being him even though just in the movies. So Jackson Rathbone girlfriend can be proud of him, because he really enjoys his work and what he does and he tries to take care of their family and their baby boy. The couple seems happy with the arrival of their son and they are planning to be good parent for him and Jackson Rathbone girlfriend is satisfied with their relationship.

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