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The popular son of Will Smith, who is a famous show business persona, Jaden is also making his own way into show business. Jaden Smith girlfriend is Kylie Jenner, even though they try to hide their relationships it is clear that these two are together. Even though the public has seen them having romantic dates, while walking to the movies, holding hands and kissing, the couple does not want to go public and has not revealed their relationships and what is their status for the journalists.

And the current Jaden Smith girlfriend is – Kylie Jenner

A source close to the couple notes that Jaden Smith girlfriend and Jaden himself try to make their relationships as normal as possible by hiding them from the world, because they have both personal experiences what happens when people go public. For Jaden it is always the rumors about his family that his father and mother are getting divorce, or are cheating on one another and these rumors never stop. Further one of his best friends Justin Bieber also had to go through a lot during his relationships with Selena Gomez, because the journalists wrote a lot about them, so Jaden wants it to be private. Jaden Smith girlfriend also has personal experience, because she has also seen what her family is going through because they are public personas.
However it is real hard to keep their relationships just for themselves when they want to spend time outside their home and go into public spaces, because when they were going to a movie in one movie theatre Calabasas, California there were many journalists around them and they were spotted holding hands and having fun just like an ordinary couple. There are plenty of pictures of these two from their movie session.
Even though Jaden Smith girlfriend is only fifteen years old and Jaden himself is fourteen they look like an adorable couple together and they suit each other perfectly so the time for them to come out and prove their love for one another in the spotlight is supposed to come soon. Further, Jaden Smith girlfriend has wished him happy birthday on her personal site writing that she cannot remember where they met and how it happened, but she is grateful that Jaden is in her life, because he is the only man that can understand her. And she states that he has always been there when Jaden Smith girlfriend needed him and for that she will always be grateful. So it looks like the young couple is happy together even though they try to hide it from the press.

jaden smith girlfriend

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