Jake Gyllenhaal Girlfriend

It looks like Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend is Allysa Miller by the latest news, these two are rally making a good couple, they have been seen making out in different places and spending a lot of time together, further she has been his company in different events and sources state that they are definitely a couple and they have a big connection between them. The source also notes that they are a couple for a short time, but Jake is really in Allysa.

And the current Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend is – Allysa Miller

Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend is only 24 years old and her hometown is known to be California. If the couple started to date earlier than in July then Jake had to go on shopping in order to get something nice for Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend that had her birthday in the fourth of July.
Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend became famous because of her looks and she began to take up modeling carrier when she was younger. At first she used to appear on the covers of Vogue magazine which was published in Russia and Germany also she was on the cover of Italian Elle magazine. After her appearance in magazines in 2010 her carrier reached a higher level when she became the face of Guess clothing. In 2011 she got the chance to work alongside Kate Upton when she made her appearance in Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot.
Besides her modeling carrier Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend loves sports. She has stated that most of the time she thought that she would go professional in soccer and become the star of her game, but this was not meant to be and she became a model. Thus, she finds time for sports also and she notes that it still exists in her world.
Further it seems that Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend also likes Yankees, just as Jake does, so they have this in common and can go to watch their games together. Miller loves them so much that she has even posted a photo where she is wearing the Yankees baseball cap, similar to the one that Jake wears.
It seems that Jake Gyllenhaal girlfriend also has a sense of humor and it would not be sad to spend time with her. She has stated in one interview that the most important thing for her in her boyfriend is passion. She notes that she loves to listen to Bruno Mars and Kanye West. Apparently they found something in common and hopefully their relationships will last for long.

jake gyllenhaal girlfriend jake gyllenhaal girlfriend

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