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Everyone is looking for another person to meet New Year‘s Eve with. Of course, celebrities do not make an exception. For example, it looks like new James Franco girlfriend was officially accepted only during New Year‘s Eve. And we do have some evidence which would prove that we are right.
We all know that people do crazy stuff when they are drunk. I bet a new James Franco girlfriend Ashley Benson is ashamed of what happened that night.

And the current James Franco girlfriend is – Ashley Benson

They were spotted doing something more than just celebrating a New Year‘s Eve. Even though they had tried to keep their relationship as a secret, they definitely failed to do so. And that is so because the young actress accidently (at least she says so) posted a picture online with James Franco grabbing her breasts. Isn‘t it enough to start the rumours about a new James Franco girlfriend?

Of course, a new, as we can say so now, James Franco girlfriend Ashley Benson claimed that she upload the picture accidently. This might be true because the picture was removed only a few minutes after it was uploaded. But we can guess that the young start did not know that once you put something on the Internet, you just can‘t remove it completely. The circle of gossips about James Franco girlfriend has started and Ashley Benson is now in the middle of the mass media‘s spotlight.
The only thing we can say is that there are definitely some feelings between those two. Being together at amusement park, going to watch movies together and now all this physical action must mean something and the famous couple can‘t hide it forever.

We hope really sincerely that the couple will not get frightened because of this attention and will understand that this is just a natural part of being a couple of two famous people. James Franco girlfriend looks like she is really happy with the man and there is only one thing left to say: the look adorable together. We hope that 2013 will be the year of honesty and we will hear some more exclusive rumours about James Franco girlfriend and her attempt to fulfil his life.
Well, if you do not believe about a new James Franco girlfriend, you should check the pictures where the couple is kissing on the New Year‘s Eve. We hope that this is enough to prove that there is something serious happening between them.

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