James Lafferty Girlfriend

James Lafferty girlfriend is the daughter of famous U2 singer Bono named Eve Hewson. Due to the fact that he has a perfect charm he managed to use it and get into the Hewson family where they seem to trust him and like his ways. The fact that he manages to get along with people perfectly is reflected in one of his cast-mates words. Even though his friend’s ex-wife was hooked up with Lafferty and had the chance to be called as James Lafferty girlfriend he is not mad. His cast-mate still states that he and Lafferty are great friends and that they are a strong team together. And another example is that one of the former James Lafferty girlfriend mother has stated that even if he has divorced with her daughter still he is a great man.

And the current James Lafferty girlfriend is – Eve Hewson

James, who is 25 years old, was born in California and his parents own a construction firm in a town near Los Angeles, so he had never problems with money and his childhood was quite easy. James Lafferty girlfriend is a lucky girl, because he has stated in one interview that even though he does not appreciate romantics so much, but in order to make James Lafferty girlfriend happy he puts a lot of effort in order to make romantic things and make his girl happy.
James likes to keep his relationship just for himself and people close to him, because when he started to be with Eve he wanted to keep it quiet and even though they were seen many times together holding hands and doing different activities in order to have fun, James tried to deny all the rumors that were spreading, he stated in his page that he is not going out with no one famous at the moment. He has even stated that he has not met the one that could be called as James Lafferty girlfriend.
James has something inside of him that makes him special in some kind of way because even the former James Lafferty girlfriend family invites him in different important events that they have for example he was invited into her brother’s wedding, so he shares some kind of bond with them. For the new James Lafferty girlfriend he is the first big romance that she has, because she is younger than him and maybe finally he has found the one that he can be with for the rest of his life.

james lafferty girlfriend

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