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The actor that has had role in Django Unchained and became extremely known because of this role has participated in one talk show where he clearly stated his mind about being in relationship and that would be a hard work for Jamie Foxx girlfriend because he thinks that when you are a famous actor in order to make your relationship work the media must not know about this, because then they begin to interact in your private life and that is not a good thing. He has stated that he likes to be in relationship with one serious woman at a time and not to date plenty of them so in a way Jamie Foxx girlfriend should be lucky because of this attitude that he has.

And the current Jamie Foxx girlfriend is – Single

Further he was asked a question about marriage and he has stated that he does not want to ger married because he has had his heart broken by the former Jamie Foxx girlfriend and he notes that when this happens for a man it is catastrophic. Thus he states that if he would become married one day he would be a perfect man, because he is a loving person and he can connect with someone and be there whenever the other person needs him and these are great qualities that potential Jamie Foxx girlfriend should like and be happy about. He also notes that he is not in his 20s anymore and that he has understood a lot of important things and that he cannot take any more chances about relationship.
Thus, some of his past girlfriends are quite impressive and one of them is Brittany Loren that he has dated in 2011 but for a short time, she is a model and had perfect body lines, because her work acquires this. Further Leila Arcieci was known as Jamie Foxx girlfriend for some time since 2004 until 2005 and not only they were dating but the rumor has it that they have been engaged but something went wrong and they ended their relationship. And then there is another beauty that he has been connected to and her name is Vivica Fox, she was also known as Jamie Foxx girlfriend but it is not known for how long and maybe these were only rumors made about them. Then there are plenty of nice girls in the past that had the opportunity to be called as Jamie Foxx girlfriend but none of them was good for him and now he should be able to pick the right one.

jamie foxx girlfriend

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