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A former girl of Heather Ledger was trying to keep the memory of him alive for so long by staying in the house they lived together. But now Michelle Williams is moving on as now she is a current Jason Segel girlfriend.
Jason Segel girlfriend who is a star of very well known TV series called How I met Your mother where he has a role of Marshall Eriksen, is now 32 years old. Now Jason Segel girlfriend Michelle who is 30 years old and the actor are moving in together.

And the current Jason Segel girlfriend is – Michelle Williams

Jason Segel girlfriend Michelle is moving into Jason‘s new apartment which is in Brooklyn and it shows the new start of her love life. Of course, she still owns the house that she bought in 2005 with her previous lover Heath Ledger; she used to live there with her daughter Matilda too.
Jason Segel girlfriend, her daughter and the actor himself were spotted outside their new house in Brooklyn and they seemed really happy together. Even though Michelle and Heath had broken up, she still looked quite sad after his death from drugs overdose. But she is still raising her daughter Matilda who is going to be 7 years old very soon.

Jason Segel looks like he is in a very good relationship with Matilda. They were seen outside their new house playing and later bringing home the breakfast.
Maybe this is the reason why new Jason Segel girlfriend filled a huge gap in her love life with her new lover Jason Segel. It looks like this time the things between them are quite serious.
The couple is believed to have met each other through one of the Michelle‘s best friend and actress Busy Phillips. It looks like this time she played as a Cupid in the couple‘s love life.

Michelle‘s friend claims that she has never seen Michelle so happy before in her life. Maybe it is so because Jason is in love with the girl too. As he said during one interview, he does not date her in the sake of having a girlfriend. He dates her because he loves her.
It is quite obvious that finding a new Jason Segel girlfriend for an actor is quite a simple task because he has a lot of dating opportunities, but as actor said, he wants to date the right person. As much as we can see now, he has found the right person because they look as happy as someone could be.

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