Jason Statham Girlfriend

It appears that Jason Statham girlfriend is happy with him and that their relationships are based not only on beauty or fame, but also on strong emotions that they share. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been called as Jason Statham girlfriend for three years already and it seems that they are a happy couple and are planning to stay this way.

And the current Jason Statham girlfriend is – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Jason is famous for his acting carrier in different action movies and he is 45 years old, but that does not get in the way for Jason Statham girlfriend to love him, she is only 26 and their age difference might bother their fans, but if they really love each other that do not matter. As Rosie states herself, she does not like young boys to be around her, because they are not mature enough to be dating her, and know she has the real man that she has needed and is happy about their relationships.
Jason Statham girlfriend has stated in one interview that they make each other happy all the time, with such small details like whispering something into each other’s years that is not dedicated for other people.
Even though their relationships has lasted over three years, the lucky couple still seems like madly in love with each other and that is obvious from the way that Jason Statham girlfriend looks at him in different pictures. When they go to have a dinner together their faces are shining like the first time that they are in love. And Rosie looks like a teenage girl that fell in love for the first time.
Jason Statham has also dated Kelly Brook for even seven years, but after being known as Jason Statham girlfriend, she broke of their relationships in this way leaving the free road into Statham’s heart. And Rosie seems perfect for him, because as he states himself she is so normal and she likes to clear the house and make dinner, because she grew up in a farm and that what makes her perfect and desirable.
And Jason Statham girlfriend has stated in one interview that she is looking forward to that day when she could be called a mother, because she does not want her life to be just about herself, as she notes, her carrier is mostly about her and she does not help other people, so she would like to have a child in the near future. So Jason Statham should think about proposing and creating a family.

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