Jay Chou Girlfriend

It appears that Jay Chou girlfriend does exist, or at least there are plenty of rumors that he is in a relationship with Hannah Quinlivan. The fact that Jay is 34 years old is important in his relationship, because once he has made a promise for himself that he is going to get married when he will be 35 and that he is going to stay a bachelor only until the day comes, because he wants to have a family in his life not only his carrier and the status of a popular bachelor. It appears that the rumors about Jay Chou girlfriend are going on for about two years, because people talk that they are together even though she is fifteen years younger than him.

And the current Jay Chou girlfriend is – Hannah Quinlivan

The fact that rumored Jay Chou girlfriend is younger might get in the way for him to create a family, because when it comes to discussing his relationship he does not reveal if she is his girlfriend or not he just starts to state that he is going to meet people and he is not planning to stop. So it is not clear if she really is Jay Chou girlfriend or not because he neither confirms this nor tries to deny his relationship with the teenage girl.
Jay has stated that he is going to think about marriage only once in his life and that time will come when he finds that perfect someone that he is going to be certain about. He states that Jay Cho girlfriend should be loyal and he should know that she is only his and then he is going to propose, but not earlier. Maybe he is looking for someone that can handle him being so close to his mother, because it appears that Jay cannot even buy a car when his mother does not give him advice about it, so maybe he should grow up before proposing for Jay Chou girlfriend.
Also Jay even asks his mother approval when he wants to buy a new set of wheels and that seems quite strange. Further it appears that he is really serious when it comes to marriage, because when asked about a pre-nup he states that if Jay Chou girlfriend would be supposed to sign one he would rather not marry at all, because he does not like these kind of things and trusts in real emotions of two people.

jay chou girlfriend jay chou girlfriend

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