Jay Cutler Girlfrien

Jay Cutler who is an American sports legend not only has a girl, who is Kristin Cavallari, but apparently he wanted to make a commitment to her in order to become engaged. Jay, who is quarterback with the NFL’s Chicago Bears, seems to finally be making some kind of commitment for his girl. Not only that Jay is in sports he used to be in reality television star and had a lot of fans all over that liked the way that he is showed in the show. It looks like their engagement happened because of different events that were taking part in their lives.

And the current Jay Cutler Girlfrien girlfriend is – Kristin Cavallari

It seems that he has been selected as fourth in the American’s most disliked sport stars and this happened because of his lifestyle and because it was voted like this, thus, if the news about his engagement would have come out than it would not be clear, the results might have been even worse, because still until now there are women that like him just the way that he is. The only person that is happy about everything that has happened in their lives is Jay Cutler girlfriend, because these events led for his proposal and there is nothing that can make her more satisfied than the ring on one of her left hand fingers.
The way that Jay proposed for Jay Cutler girlfriend seems kind of funny, because as Kristin reveals herself, he made the proposal through a text message, so some girls would consider this not as romantic as they would expect, but not Jay Cutler girlfriend. She states that it just came out of their talk when they were texting each other. It looks like Jay just wrote if they should get married and they both decided that yeas it would be a great thing. She was on the airport when this happened, flying back home after some time spent together with him. So not only that he proposed with a message, she received the ring by mail.
Jay Cutler girlfriend notes that the ring spent a couple of weeks in her home before she had the chance to put it on and it appears that Jay made all the romantic things, when they met on the Valentine’s Day and they celebrated their engagement. So maybe for Jay these years were not as good as they could have been but for Jay Cutler girlfriend they were great, just because of his proposal.

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