Jeff Goldblum Girlfriend

It looks like the actor who is highly known from his role in Jurassic Park is 60 years old but his age does not define his looks, because he looks great at his age and he looks 20years younger. And this might be one of the reasons that there exists Jeff Goldblum girlfriend and not only that she exist, she is much more younger than him, because she is half of his age old, she is 30 and her name is Emilie Livingston. So he is a lucky person because he has made his life just the way that he has wanted. It looks like in one interview he has stated that the main reasons for him to be looking this way are that he has Jeff Goldblum girlfriend who is twice of his age and that he drinks healthy green juice every day.

And the current Jeff Goldblum girlfriend is – Emilie Livingston

It looks like the actor has even one of his favorite health food shops in Hollywood and he loves to take Jeff Goldblum girlfriend there and buy them both the juice that he drinks every day. It looks like the couple is trying out a new diet that makes people eat the way that caveman did. It looks like the diet is quite strange but if it is the reason why the actor looks so good it seems that plenty of people would like to try it, just because it makes people a lot younger and nicer. Thus it looks like they also like to have a walk and this is also a healthy thing for them both. It looks like not only Jeff Goldblum girlfriend can be happy about his looks, but he also likes to dress in the way that does not show his age. So when they both are spotted on the street it looks like they both look great and young and people would not even notice their age difference is so big.
It looks like Jeff Goldblum girlfriend is a former gymnast and she has been filming in some commercials where she shows of some of her moves. And it looks like even though she has been dating him for some time now she has not quit her job that brings her money, so she is really down to earth type. Thus it looks like Jeff has some spare tie right now so they can spent their days together, because Jeff Goldblum girlfriend works in one club during nights.

jeff goldblum girlfriend

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